Hoge Veluwe, Netherlands


Day 12. Another great place to bike in the Netherlands is the Hoge Veluwe National Park. Besides the fact that I was overdressed (AGAIN) this was one of my favorite stops. (I kept thinking it would be super cold judging from the temperature in the morning. I forgot this was August, and that I was not in Quebec anymore.) Of course it took me a while once I got off the bus to find the entrance of the park, but I suppose that’s just the way I am.

Plus side: you can grab a bike for free over there. They have hundreds.

And then I just followed the road. This road, contrary to others that I had met, was polite. It was actually very welcoming, and the sceneries were amazing. I felt like in the Lion King, and then lost in the middle of nowhere, and then biking along indescribable places. I stopped every now and then in the small, recluse, observation huts, where you can spend the day waiting for a Wild Boar, a Mouflon or a Red Deer to come and say hi. Luck wasn’t on my side. (Shocker…)


In the core of the park, there’s a Van Gogh Museum that’s totally worth it, whether you’re a fan of the Dutch painter or not. The museum itself is a piece of art. Set in the very middle of the woods, with windows from floor to ceiling, you’ll feel right in the Cullens’ mansion.

I would’ve biked the whole park if it hadn’t taken me so long to find the place, but unfortunately I was running out of time. I guess I’ll have to go back!

Fail Count: 2 (Hey, not too bad.)
Total: 28

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