Vodka and Flowers – Warsaw, Poland

DSCF3837Day 20. I liked Warsaw so much that I extended my stay of one day. Of course, then things started going not so well. God was like: Neehee, gotcha!

The hostel I was in had no vacancy, so I had to change, which is not that big of deal, but involved a super-duper-quick packing, then a check-out and a check-in someplace else, which, in the whole, wasted half my day.

Botanic Garden

Then the quarter of Warsaw I had planned to explore turned out to be somewhat deceiving, so I went back to the center to take pictures of the beautiful Old Town. But after about three pictures: rain. Not warm-August rain, but crazy icy downpour with winds from far over the misty mountains cold. I was wearing flip-flops. I was in no position to make it a run and had to wade miserably my way back to the hostel, where the receptionist pitied me so much she switched off the AC and brought me a hot tea.

I felt a little better then.

Enough to go out for my third night in a row. We had pre-drinks at the hostel and then a girl from the staff led us into some bars of Warsaw. Mostly, those are shot bars. A shot bar consists of an area the size of Harry Potter’s wardrobe where windows are not mandatory, and where people usually stop on the way to a bigger bar, or aimlessly remain if they forget about their final destination. They serve shots. They cost about three Zlotys per shot (1$CAN).


I realize that my Warsaw experience might sound like a drunk-fest, so I would like to add an excursion I forgot to mention in my previous post just so I look like I have very refined tastes. I inserted pictures of that said excursion here and there in this post to fool people (possibly my mother) into thinking that was actually the main theme, so you might have an idea of what I’m talking about. The Botanic Garden.

It was really great!
That sums it up.

Fail count: 4
Total: 41

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