Wieliczka Salt Mines – Kraków, Poland


Day 22. People, leave me the f**k alone, was what I kept thinking when I was in Kraków. I just needed a break from the hyper-social vibes of hostels, which is squarely impossible to avoid when you sleep in a hostel. Yes, you always have the choice to ignore people, but that would automatically make you three things:

    1. Awkward.
    2. The Grinch.
    3. A target to get your food stolen in the fridge.

Nevertheless, there are just days I need to be on my own. Unfortunately, those days, I always miserably fail to put that very sensible thought into words because I’m too busy craving for crucial things such as Quality-Solo-Time and My-Own-Bubble. So I failed, and said to that girl, “Of course we should go to the Salt Mines together!” The next day I woke up early to split before she got up and I went to the Salt Mines on my own.

And I’m sorry, but it was amazing.

St. Kinga
Chapel of St. Kinga

I could disappear in my head, forget everything, be quiet, take thousands of pictures, and admire Wieliczka’s numerous salt sculptures and chambers 135 meters below the ground of Kraków.

The way down the Salt Mines
The way down the Salt Mines

After that solitary journey, I retrieved the average level of tolerance toward the rest of the world. Enough to do my first hostel’s Pub Crawl, which included a power hour and was definitely a bad idea. But lots of fun!

I did get some food stolen in the fridge, though.
Karma? Probably….

Tip: Krakville Tours is the cheapest way to the Salt Mines. 79 Zlotys when you’re a student. Other companies go up to 119 Zlotys, even those suggested by hostels.

Fail Count: 2
Total: 43

Wood covered with salt
Wood covered with salt

Salt Sculpture

2 thoughts on “Wieliczka Salt Mines – Kraków, Poland

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  1. Tout ce que j’ai à dire …. Ahahahaha je taime d’amour. Wow les photos sérieusement, c’est tellement beau ! Tu devrais faire à croire que tes sourde et muette ! On aurait dû faire ça à D… imagine AHAHAHA.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello dear,

    My !!! I would have been traumatised if you had left me on my own after promising me your company. But I understand sometimes we need to appreciate the beauty on our own. I hope you can be more open about your emotions in the future, so you do not hurt someone else in the process.

    Truly yours,



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