Auschwitz and Kraków, Poland

Wawel CastleDay 24.  Fun fact: In the tower of Kraków, a trumpeter opens a window every hour to play a tune to the city. Okay, it’s probably more than one trumpeter, but I like to think it’s just this one guy, utterly dedicated to his passion. Some of us have a cuckoo clock; Kraków has a trumpeter in a tower. How Disneyish.

Krakow tower

See him?
See him?

That being said, I went to the Auschwitz and Birkenau concentration camps. I had participated to a Pub Crawl the night before, and when the time arrived to set my alarm, I kind of changed the time of my watch instead. So I woke up in a start, packed my bag in three seconds and ran to the tour’s meeting point to find out there wasn’t a living soul around. I was convinced I had missed the bus, and ran to the second meeting point, where a guy showed up five minutes later and announced me I was

So I made it to Auschwitz after all, tired as hell, but as soon as the tour started, my exhaustion was quickly forgotten. I could’ve been through a desert without water, had my legs eaten by a bear, then my hands ravaged by fire, and I think I still would’ve forgotten all about it once at the camp.

I have no pictures; I didn’t find it appropriate to take photos, and it is truly beyond my comprehension that someone was taking selfies over there. Thankfully, in general, everyone is very respectful and quiet, since some rooms simply steal your entire vocabulary and challenge your most rooted beliefs. When we walked from one house to another, with the sun cruel on our heads and the only sound the pebbles crunching under our shoes, I could imagine what it was like. Frightful. Crowded yet lonely. Frustrating. An icy frustration dawning from hundreds of unanswered questions. Most of them beginning with why, but the scariest one with when.

And at the same time, I couldn’t imagine what it was like at all.

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Total: 44

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  1. Oh ! So you went to Auschwitz after all ! You describe it very well, I can easily picture the horror . Very well written.

    You are a strong woman, I could never handle going to place like this. It makes you think about life and it’s mysteries. Why do horrible things like this happen ? We can never know. But it’s good not to forget, we should never forget things like that. So I guess that’s why people go and visit it.

    Enjoy reading you as always,

    Hether xx

    Liked by 1 person

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