Vienna, Austria


Day 30. The second phase of my trip consisted of a language school in Vienna. Yep, I thought I’d try to learn a new language while in Europe and, for no particular reason, I picked German. I guess I’m doing a kind of Eat, Pray, Love, mine being something like Drink, Learn, Wander. (It’s not exactly settled yet what I’ll be doing for the third phase of the trip, so…)

Anyway, I did a five-week course with Actilingua Language School and it was truly a great experience. My courses were in the afternoon, so I had all my mornings to explore Vienna, which turned out to have SO many more attractions than I initially believed.

My first week’s mornings were busy. First, there was a heat wave so I spent a day by the Donau river with a picnic while the weather still allowed it.


Then I visited the Mozart Haus—but the house in which Mozart was born, and where his instruments are kept, is in Salzburg, and that was for another week. It was still very interesting to visit the old building, to look at the street through the same window one of the greatest compositors of history once looked through.

Road Vienna
Street leading to Mozart’s Haus

Another morning I just walked in the Belvedere’s gardens–it was just across the street to school–and I sat on a bench to write. That morning was pretty much my definition of Absolute Freaking Perfection.



BTW: The Klimt Museum is in the Upper Belvedere, and is totally worth it.

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  1. Hi Audrey,

    I’m so proud to see that young minds are still interested in others languages and culture. You seem such like a nice girl. Did your class was helpful ? Do you feel like you master the deutch ?

    I would have really liked to see some pictures of the Klimt Museum. Do you have sone to show us ? Are all his paintings in there ?

    Hether xxx


    1. It would take forever to master Deutsch, unfortunately, so after only 5 weeks, I’m rather weak in the language! But it was still really fun!
      And no, I don’t have any pictures for it is forbidden to take any in most of the museums, especially when they include paintings from such a reknown artist!


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