Leaving Vienna, Austria

Robin in StephansplatzDay 53. And then Austria was coming to an end. So Robin and I hurried to make the most of the last days. Oh. I just realized I never introduced Robin. Gee, I’m terrible!

Name: Robin
Nationality: Canadian
Age: Immortal

Gender: Moose
Occupation: To travel around the world with me

I’m supposed to take a picture of Robin in every city that I visit, but I’m such a horrible human being that I forget half of the times. But I did not forget this time, so this is him above waving good-bye to Stephansplatz, which is in the city center of Vienna.

In my last days, I tasted Sturm. Freaking heaven. It’s an Austrian specialty; a very young wine they only have during autumn, and it’s freaking heaven. It’s very sweet though, but I’m like, Queen of Choco Land, so it’s ideal for my taste. I actually had a glass of Sturm with a chocolate cake. Freaking. Heaven.

Since I read a lot of books, I bought a lot of books in Vienna. Therefore, leaving my Austrian apartment also meant sending my books home via mail, because a) I just can’t get rid of my babies, and b) there’s no way I carry them around for another six weeks. So I arrived at the Post Office and was very proud to fill out the German instructions on my box, until I was at the counter where the guy was like:

“Dis too heevy fur international.”
I was like, “You haven’t weighted it yet.”
He did, then said, “Oh, not too heevy, okay. Almost. But dat type off package has not insurance. If lost … it’s lost.”
“Okay. Um. Does that happen often?”
“We don’t know.”
Is there a way to get an insurance?”
“I don’t know.”
“Do you like your job?”
“Dis 23 euros.”

So I sent a box full of books—here, read pieces of my soul—and souvenirs across the ocean without insurance of its delivery, and it is with that annoying, cruel doubt that I left Vienna, not quite ready to brave the third part of my Drink, Learn, Wander trip. Let’s hope for the best!

Last glance through my window in Vienna
Last glance through my window in Vienna

Fail Count: 1
Total: 68

4 thoughts on “Leaving Vienna, Austria

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  1. Hi Audrey,

    What a cute story you told us about Robin. Did someone gave it to you or did you come up with the idea of a trip companion yourself ?

    Love reading you.

    Hether xx


  2. Tes livres se sont ils rendus a destination finalement ? ou ils se sont perdus comme mes cartes postales ……….. ?


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