Oktoberfest in 10 Reactions

1. When on your way to the metro station: “I really hope the others know where to go, because I don’t want to get lost and arrive too late.”
When you enter the metro station: “Oh. I guess following the five thousand people in dresses and leather pants is today’s GPS.”

2. When you arrive: “Omg those Maße are so pretty; I’m so bringing one back home.”
When you receive your first Maß: “Holy shit this thing is so heavy; I can’t wait to be done with it. How do the waiters carry 7 per hand?

3. When you arrive: “There are rides and roller coasters? That’s such a bad idea with all the alcohol going on.”
Two Maße later: “LET’S DO THEM ALL!”

hold my beer

4. When you enter the first tent: “Omg, people are so into this. I can’t wait to find a table and join the party.”
But: “Yeah, we’ll never find a table. Let’s try another tent.”
When the other tents start closing because they’re full: “Wtf? It’s 11 a.m.”
When you go back to the previous tent: “Closed?”

5. When you decide to stay in the garden and wait for a table to be free: “Those Chinese tourists look bored. They don’t even drink anymore. Let’s stand next to their table until they’re done taking pictures and they leave.”
When they start ordering food
: “Okay. I can wait 30 more minutes.”
When they order another round of beers: “Oh, come on!”

6. When you receive your first Maß: “Those waiters are kind of grumpy.”
As everyone gets stupider and stupider
: “Those waiters are so tolerant.”
As you finish your third Maß
: “Those guys are soooo funny!”

7. When you start talking with the people next table: “Okay, I don’t get half of what they’re saying, and one of them says he doesn’t like Canadians because we’re a combination of France and America (!#/$?*), but at least two of us have a seat now. So we’ll tolerate them.
Two Maße later: “Those guys are soooo funny!”

8. And when two hours and several beers later, we all have our table:

9. When you look at the time: Man I’m so tired and drunk, what time is it?
“3 p.m.”

10. When you’re on your way back: “Where did all my money go? Guys?”
Looking up: “Um. Where did the others go?”

potterbrazil: Slughorn: Eu tive um peixe, uma vez. Francis. Uma coisinha adorável. Um dia fui até o andar de baixo e ele tinha sumido. Poof!  Hagrid: Que estranho.  Slughorn: Não é? É a vida, eu suponho. Vai seguindo até que… Poof!  Hagrid: Poof! Harry: Poof!

The inevitable happened: we started as a group of about 12, and then we were 8, and then 6, and then 4, without a map, in the middle of Munich. I’m proud to say the few German that I learned during my course was quite useful at that moment, and we made it back alive! So that pretty much sums up my first Oktoberfest in München. Hello to all the people I had the chance to meet! 

Fail Count: 3
Total: 71

5 thoughts on “Oktoberfest in 10 Reactions

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  1. Good evening Audrey .

    That sounds horrible. I wouldn’t survive a minute in such a big crowd of drunk people. I guess it’s an activity for youngters. Can you explain a little the meaning of Octoberfest ? Why do people celebrate it ?

    Can’t wait to hear from you again.



  2. Hey Audrey ! So nice to have met you. How’s your trip going ? Are you still around Germany ? Im heading to Russia next. Hope to see you again.


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