Top 5 Cafés in Berlin to Write (or Read)

top 5 cafés berlin
As a writer, one thing I love to do when I travel is to find a nice spot where to spark my imagination and write. Berlin has numerous nice cafés for that, and while I didn’t get to try them all, I tried enough to pick five of my favourites. Here they are. 

FIVE: Antipodes

Colorful deco, happy staff, and funky music; not exactly a relaxing spot but if you have your headphones, it’s a cozy place to get some brainstorm done. English menu. Note: Momo’s next door looked nice too, with homemade juices and vegan options. But quite small so quickly full.
Address here.


Excellent vegan restaurant. Relaxed atmosphere, so it’s easy to spend hours writing. (Not just a café, but you could still go only for drinks.) Website here.

Type Hype

The decoration almost hides the tables. Shelves filled with cushions, old machines, colorful bags hooked all along a ladder, and a mini gallery in the back. Very laid-back + very good Heiß Schokolade + nice music = writing heaven. They sell various products, all showing a letter of the alphabet–thus the name.  Website here.

TWO: 93 Neundrei
93 neundrei

Great, freshly pressed juices. Small, but cozy, with a quiet lower level ideal to lie on the couch and read, or sit at a table and write all morning, fueled by a Grünkohl, Orange, und Apfelsaft. (Kale, orange and apple.)
Website here.

ONE: Zeit für Brot

Definitely my favourite one. The smell of cinnamon rolls invades the street to lure you in. Bio bakery, with delicious pastries, and a transparent wall to the kitchen, so you may watch the bakers at work as you look up from your pages in search of inspiration. Website here.

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  1. Le #3 me fait peur …. Mais les deux derniers ont l’air trop chou. ❤️ A noté que tu décris pas mal la bouffe qu’on y trouve ahahaha. Serais-tu gourmande par hasard ?

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