Berlin, Germany

Berlin Dom
Day 58.
In Berlin, it was cold. Thus, I caught a cold. I blame the Oktoberfest, the lack of sleep, the rain. the crappy nutrition, and my bad karma. So my days were brief since at about eight I was dead and in bed, but at least from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. I got some crucial things ticked off my list–when I wasn’t tempted to buy hot chocolate and pastries in the countless cafés.

Tiergarten during autumn
Tiergarten during autumn

Of course many “incidents” (read maledictions) delayed my trip. Like that time I didn’t have any WiFi to do an online exam for university. Or that time I searched the whole hostel for my passport/credit card, until 30 minutes later I saw the lockers and remembered I had done the right thing for once. For my defense, the cold was making me feverish and dizzy; I also woke up in the middle of the night having no clue where I was.
At all.
Kind of creepy.
Has this happened to anyone else from maybe travelling too much?

But besides those little attentions from the above, and when the rain cleared off, I managed to see a lot of Berlin. And I loved it.

Berliner Mauer
Berliner Mauer
Holocaust Memorial
Holocaust Memorial

Berlin Holoc. 2

Fail Count: 4
Total: 75

8 thoughts on “Berlin, Germany

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  1. Dear Audrey,

    Please take better care of yourself. It’s such a shame to waste precious time because you are in bad shape.

    I noticed your few last posts were shorter. Are you getting tired of writting to us ?




    1. Please don’t worry about me, Hether! I got much better after I left the cold for the sun, as you’ll see in the next article I’m preparing. 😉
      And I’m not getting tired at all. I actually write too much and I have to cut my articles in pieces or I fear they would be too heavy for the readers!
      Thanks for being such a loyal visitor!
      All best,


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