Mainz + Berlin (twice!)

Market in Mainz
Market in Mainz

Day 62. In Germany, I had the chance to be hosted by the marvellous Julia, in Mainz. (Thanks again!) I loved Munich and Berlin, but I also wanted to discover a city less known and Mainz was the perfect one for me.

Indeed, turns out Mainz has the Gutenberg Museum, named after Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of a printing press that created some of the first printed books on Earth, including the Forty-Two-Line Bible. The museum was filled with old books and ancient printing machine; I was exhausted from a crappy night bus from Berlin, and still dizzy from the remaining of my cold, yet in that museum I was elated.

Gutenberg's Museum
Gutenberg’s Museum

Yet with the medicine that made me so dizzy, I managed to fall down a staircase on my way back to the train station. Yep. With my bags and all. Very chic.

My goal was to make it to Cologne after Mainz, since it’s near, but for some reason all the hostels were booked that week. (Really? Around October 10th, when it’s not the high season? Odd.)

So I made it back to Berlin with another crappy night bus, and arrived around 6 a.m., but I had to walk around the city until I could check in at the hostel, at 2 p.m. And it was COLD, and it RAINED. I was sooo tired that night I forgot to lock my locker; I even let the door wide open. (Thankfully nothing was stolen.) Really, I was sooo tired I managed to sleep through the people partying in the 3 m³ dorm.

Fail Count: 4
Total: 79


2 thoughts on “Mainz + Berlin (twice!)

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  1. Hi Audrey,

    It seems to me you’ll never win this battle against misery ah. ah. ah. The museum looks splendid. I studied in English litterature. I simply love books. I’ll make sur to stop by someday.

    Thanks again for an incredible story and please take care of yourself.

    Hether xx


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