Dubrovnik: a story in pros and cons

I couldn’t do any kayak because it started to rain like crazy the day I had booked.

Kayak Dubrovnik

I didn’t have water for a whole day because there was construction work in my street.

Construction in Dub

I had to hold my laptop a little bit over the windowsill to get WiFi.

Wifi in Dubrovnik

(And the windows didn’t exactly shut.)

My taxi couldn’t drop me by the door of my hostel, because cars don’t fit in the Old Town’s streets. So there’s no way to get a bus/cab in the middle of the night. You have to walk everywhere and everywhere are stairs. (And when it rains, the stairs become waterfalls.)


No holder for the shower head; I had to hold it as I washed in the 90-cm large shower.


I could literally touch the undies on the clothesline of the neighbour across.


But I mean…

View from the City Walls
View from the City Walls

And then there’s this…

City Walls
City Walls

And the cats…



Cats dub

Whatever all the cons…

Dubrovnik main street

I love Dubrovnik.

on lokrum
On Lokrum Island

Fail Count: 7
Total: 88

7 thoughts on “Dubrovnik: a story in pros and cons

Add yours

  1. Hi !

    I really like how you wrote this one. Light style, easy to read, funny. May I suggest you write more like this one ? 🙂

    The city seems beautiful, and your little appartment too. I must admit just seeing your picture I get scared for your computer though haha.


  2. I reallyenjoyed reading your travel stories, Audrey. Beautiful photos of where you have been.
    I’m working on a memoir book, my first time trying to do this.
    I hope someday being as good as you are. Your blogg is the first one I have read. I’ve had an adventurous life and have a lot of things I want to tell in my memoir.


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