6 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Plitvice Lakes, Croatia, During Autumn

Day 77. Before I show you why, let me tell you the few fails I encountered on my stay in Korenica. So the thing is, there is precisely one youth hostel in Korenica, the recluse little town where UNESCO’s Plitvice Lakes are. Not only the bus had kind of a weird schedule, it dropped me at a “bus stop” (a restaurant) which wasn’t the “bus stop” (a hotel) I was told it would be. So the walk to the hostel (Falling Lakes Hostel, really great) was about twenty minutes instead of ten. At least it was on a straight line, so there was no way for me to get lost, but let me tell you that twenty minutes is a lifetime when you have no clue where you are.

The hostel offers shuttle every morning at 9, to go to the Lakes, and back to the hostel at 5. I went twice. The first day to visit all of the lakes and inevitably get lost, and the second to see a part of it again, and also make a great hike in the fog on the outlines of the National Park, thanks to an amazing girl I met. (Hey, Katie!)

Hike in the Fog

Unfortunately, since there had been lots of rains the week before, part of the Park’s paths were flooded, so I couldn’t walk the whole thing. And the information staff didn’t seem to get updates on what new parts were flooded, because several times I had to make a U-turn since the tracks were totally submerged.

I kept adjusting my trip as I went. At last I decided I would walk the way up and come back with the boat. On the way, I broke my watch, and I became thoroughly paranoid at the idea of missing the last bus (which was in about three hours, and I was at two hours of walking from the bus stop.) I ran, and ran, following the very unprecise plan of the Park in my hands, to reach the port. Then the path was no longer a path. I was on a highway. That was NOT on the plan. I went back, and asked someone about the port. “Yeah, it’s this way, but the boats aren’t running this afternoon.” What? How can they not tell us that at the info when we leave in the morning? I went back the way I had come, jogging the whole time, but fortunately, I didn’t miss the bus at all. I actually had time at the bus stop to make friends with two Koreans and a bird. And as I thought about my crazy day at the lakes, I grew convinced that fall is the best season to visit them.

  1. Because There Are Way Less Tourists
    The paths can get crowded in the high-season. But in October you can be by your own on several occasions, and surrounded by lakes, it’s probably the most peaceful thing ever after Zadar’s Sea Organs.
  2. Because the Rains Make the Waterfalls Way More Powerful
  3. And Sometimes it’s Kind of Dangerous And Will Make You Feel Totally Badass
  4. Because the Colours Are Amazing With All the Leaves
  5. And the Smells Too
    Smell the cold water crashing against dead leaves and the soaked earth? And all that fresh air, too? Can you smell it?

    6. But Mostly The Colours

Fail Count: 6
Total: 99

8 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why You Should Go to the Plitvice Lakes, Croatia, During Autumn

Add yours

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post!
      To answer your question, I’ve been keeping track of all my travel fails since the beginning of my trip! (In Korenica there was the wrong bus stop, the flooded parts of the park, the broken watch, the getting lost, being misinformed, etc.)
      Hope this answers your question!
      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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  1. Oh my god ! I almost died of pure beauty !!!!!!!! Wowowowow it looks like a Lord of the Ring or Game of Thrones scene, like a high budget cinema feature. I just cant believe you went there. I would have died. Really funny the part when you run as hell and get lost on a highway. My poor girl, you’re so unlucky. That’s why i would never travel alone ! 😉


    1. Hahaha but like Little Sunshine said, those aren’t really fails but experiences, and they make the whole adventure so unique and worth sharing! I never thought I was the solo-traveler type, and yet now I think it’s the best way to travel!
      I agree with you, the sights of this park are amazing; straight out of a movie!


  2. Audrey, I think this is the most beautiful place you ever went during your trip. I enjoy looking at water so much, it’s so peaceful it makes you feel alive. I hope I have the chance to go there one day. I have arthritis, and long walks are not recommended for me, but I sure hope anyway.

    You took great picture. Do you have a professional camera ? Did you take any photography classes ?



    1. I hope you have the chance to go as well, Hether, it’s quite something. Thank you for noticing my pictures. I have a good camera, but nothing professional. And I never took classes, though it’s something that I think about a lot lately!


  3. You are an incredible young lady, always moving on to a new project ! I hope you’ll let us see your work if you ever take classes



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