If There Were No Laws

94 words
Short Story
Written by Audrey Francis-Plante

My father sat us three in the living room and said, “If I told you that tomorrow, every law expires. Everything is legal for one day. What would you do?”

My sister clapped her hands eagerly. “Easy. I’d rob a bank.”

“I’d steal Andy’s bike,” my young brother said. “And his PS4.”

“And you, Thomas,” Dad said. “Does my eldest also have the ambitions of a thief?”

“No,” I said, feeling my neck reddening.

“What would you do, then?”

I cleared my throat. “I’d marry Mark.”


I guess they had to know eventually.

9 thoughts on “If There Were No Laws

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  1. What an amazing twist ! I just looooove it. Coming out must be incredibly difficult, it’s quite original how you made you personnage did it. You inspired yourself of the movie “The purge” aven’t you guuuuurl ? 😉


  2. Hi dear Audrey,

    You never seem to stop amazing me. It must be really difficult to write a story that short, but you managed to surprise us anyway ! I like how you deal with important themes, such as homosexuality. Are you an engaged writer ? I also like that the two others siblings were only thinking about stealing ah! ah! ah!

    Hether xxx

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