Budapest, Hungary

DSCF5926Day 92. When I arrived in Budapest, around 5-6 o’clock in the morning, a thick fog hovered through the city. I could barely see three meters ahead, and after meandering uselessly around in search of the street toward my hostel, I had to give up and take a taxi. But for the 100th time in my trip, I did the mistake of not googling what the currency was before my arrival, so I had to ask the driver how much it would cost to get to my destination.

He said he’d do me a price.

5 000 HUF.

It took four and a half minutes to get there, where I was utterly surprised to pay only 4 500 HUF for a 2-night stay. Turns out 5 000 HUF is worth 25$ CAN, and the taxi driver made the most of my ignorance. (It had to happen eventually…)

But once the fog dissipated, the weather was a bliss. It was so sunny I decided I wouldn’t make any plans for my stay; I would just walk around the city—after all, I was still in the wandering part of my Drink-Learn-Wander trip. I walked the whole day, all around the Buda and the Pest sides, and I feel like letting the pictures describe a few great things that I saw.

View of Pest from Buda
Street near Matthias Church
Matthias Church
Robin at the Heroes’ Square
City Park

Fail Count: 2
Total: 118

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