Toledo, Spain

Day 95.
When we arrived in Toledo, I got hit by a car. I’d been warned Spanish drove a little crazily, so when I saw the red car zooming through the narrow cobblestone street, I shrank on the wall of a house, shutting my eyes, hoping my backpack wouldn’t be dragged along. It’s my left arm that took the blow. I had an ugly bruise on my elbow for the rest of the week, and a fear of red cars for the rest of the trip.

After dropping our bags at the hostel, we headed for the grocery store. On our way back, we realized we’d forgotten the wine. We went back: it was closed! (I honestly never understood what their schedule was. The next day, a Friday, it was also closed around two o’clock.) Wineless, we attempted to find our way back to the hostel, but got lost in the old, pequeña streets of Toledo and had to ask our way to a family that walked by. As the kids leaped and sang around us, the father tried to read our map under the moon rays, until we all realized half of the roads weren’t on the map, and that most of the streets don’t even have a name.

DSCF6074So we had to listen to his indications perfectly. At the church turn left, take the smallest alley on the right, up the staircase to the square and on… We made it back, laughing, and even found a small store with a few wine bottles. Back at the hostel, we drank on the beautiful terrace on the roof—which was amazing.


Just as we thought we would sleep like little babies, we noticed the most annoying noise in our room: the toilet flushed endlessly. We found a way to shush the racket by lifting a random tube, but then I forgot we’d played plumber the night before, and when I flushed in the morning, the water overflowed. We put every tube back in place, mopped the floor, and endured the noise the following night, with a plan of doing so many activities in the day, and drinking so much wine in the evening, that we would fall asleep at once.

Puerta del Sol, built in the late 14th century


So we walked to the Jewish quarter and visited a beautiful synagogue. Then we stopped by the stunning Cathedral of Toledo. We ate a paella in a small restaurant before we started searching for La Puerta del Sol, which we discovered we’d walked right past the day before, but missed because of a minor distraction: I got hit by a car.

Fail Count: 5
Total: 123



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