Facebook Status in 2060

What will Facebook status updates look like in the year 2060? Imagine if our future children/grandchildren have all turned toward a new social platform but we’re still hooked on good old FB…

1. First Christmas with snow since 2020! #magic #luck #hope 

2. My grandkids in the pool #grandma’s lifestyle #family #fun

3. Amelia is going to an event: 50+ Slow-Dating

4. My daughter just had triplets, AGAIN! #kill me

5. Patrick’s wall: Martha and I are officially retired! First project: a lake house!

6. Martha’s wall: Thanks everyone for assisting to Patrick’s funerals. He would’ve appreciated. RIP Patrick. Love you still.

7. Watching Walking Dead. feeling nostalgic.

8. Watching Grey’s Anatomy’s new season and wondering why it’s still called Grey’s Anatomy. Literally no characters left.

9. Just watched the very last James Bond movie. Spoiler alert: HE DIES! feeling betrayed.

10. Charles is going to an event: Harry Potter Cast Reunion in New York. HP fans, ALWAYS

11. Just got the new app: lengthen your lashes and nails #worth it

12. Just got the new app: get a tan when you use your camera’s flash #bullshit

13. Broke my hoverboard. feeling depressed

14. All my thoughts are with the victims of WW3, today. After 30 years of official peace, we still remember. ❤

15. Help! Still looking for a bunker for my dog and myself. I live in the 20th district and I have an assigned bunker that isn’t animal-tolerant, and I just can’t leave my Lucius behind. Please share!

Just had fun writing these! What do you think we’ll be posting on Facebook in the future? Do you think we’ll eventually let go of Facebook entirely, or if it’s there to stay? Feel free to share!

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