8 Things We Do When Back From a Long Trip

Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina

I was talking with a friend traveller and we realized that, besides the obvious–seeing back everyone, half-unpacking, doing your laundry–there are multiple things we never thought we would miss during a long trip abroad. Here’s my list:


  1. Sit on the toilet: Deep down, I’m a germaphobe.
  2. Take a long bath: I rarely miss it while travelling, but as soon as I’m back and I see the bath it hits me, and I take baths for a whole month.
  3. Put on different shoes, clothes, anything DIFFERENT: I just can’t look at what I’ve been wearing for four months.
  4. Look at my reflection in every mirror I pass: It’s not something I do a lot when I travel; sometimes I don’t even have access to a mirror, so it’s weird to notice the changes in my face after that long.
  5. Open the cupboard: O.M.G. What’s that word again? Choice? I actually have a choice else than spaghetti or tomato sandwich? I’m going to cook the neighborhood some crazy elaborate meal just ’cause I can.
  6. Spend a day in reading books and watching movies: Uniting with my old life. There’s a lot of catching up to do.
  7. Give away half of your clothes: It can come harsh as a slap, the realization that you actually don’t need that many clothes. But the act of giving away two huge bags full of your clothes … liberating.
  8. Discover your own city: After all, the wanderlust in you never trully fades.


What do you guys do first when you’re back from a long trip? What things you find yourself missing when you’re abroad?

Dubrovnik, Croatia

9 thoughts on “8 Things We Do When Back From a Long Trip

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  1. i love the sitting on toilet one. I don’t consider myself a germophobe but i only sit on MY own toilet and maybe family members’ toilets and some fancy hotel toilets. ok, tmi. haha. but i usually look forward to sleeping in MY own bed 🙂

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  2. Yes to number 7! There is just too much choice in my wardrobe when I come back. I also always look forward to washing my clothes (and self!) after coming home. The thing I miss the most when travelling is the variety of food options I get in my own city so that all my food cravings can finally be satisfied!

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