Quebec City – Tourist in my hometown

DSCF6766 (2)So after a few weeks back in the routine of my life at home, with school and work and a shitload of writing, I became kind of crazy. (Read downright demented.) I just needed to feel like I was abroad again, and I know that won’t be possible until the end of my Uni semester. Therefore, I decided to make a few daytrips here and there in my own country. Well, since my country is Canada and you can’t just do a trip in another province in one single day, I had to cut down my limits to my own province. Quebec. But it’s actually a huge province, so there’s a lot of possibilities.

Still, I started near. Like, in my very own city. (Have you ever been a tourist in your own city? It’s surprisingly amazing.) Quebec City  is one of the oldest European settlements in North America (1608) and the Old Quebec is actually a UNESCO World Heritage treasure. So I headed to the Old Quebec and decided to visit La Citadelle, the fortress of the city.

Entrance of La Citadelle

Then I walked on la Terrasse Dufferin, which has a great view on the Saint-Laurent River, and is right under the Château Frontenac. Nope, Château Frontenac isn’t a real castle. It’s actually a hotel. Still impressive.

View of the river from Terrasse Dufferin
Hotel Château Frontenac
The free winter slide on the terrace

There was a light snow, so it was a perfect weather to walk into the narrow streets of Le Petit Champlain. I also stopped by Place Royale: the famous spot where Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks played the final scene of Catch Me If You Can.

Place Royale
Shops in Petit Champlain

It was a great day in my own city, and it managed to make me feel like a traveller nonetheless. But to make the Quebec experience complete, my sister and I decided to have dinner out and eat a poutine. And if you’ve never tried a poutine, you’re missing out on life, my friend.


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