Free Things To Do in Edinburgh


Scotland is amazing. Amazing sceneries, amazing music, amazing culture, amazing accent. I fell in love with it the moment I set a toe in this fabulous country. Yet through all the magical landscapes I saw, there’s one thing I had to visit twice, and that really made an impression on me: The Elephant House.

Yes. Yes.

Because of J.K. Rowling.

I’m a book geek, sue me.

But I didn’t spend my whole stay in Edinburgh reading and writing where the writer of my favourite series once wrote—though that could’ve been just as epic. I actually went out. I saw as much of the city through my limited seven days. And here’s the free part of my trip:

1. Write something in the restrooms of The Elephant House as a tribute for HPDSCF1155

2. Walk up Arthur’s Seat for a great view of Edinburgh


3. Dip your toe in the North Sea

4. Wander around the Edinburg Castle

Where to stay?

I would highly recommend the Caledonian Backpackers. I had an awesome stay at this hostel!


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  1. I’ve been to Edinburgh but that was when I was a novice traveler so didn’t know about Arthur’s seat or go into the elephant room. I did see the graveyard where JK Rowling most likely got a lot of inspiration though, including Tom Riddle’s name 🙂 so cool! Check out my post on Edinburgh when you get a chance 🙂

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