Scotland in Pictures

I’ve been working on a post about my trip to Scotland for a while—I have, honest, I really have—but it just seems like all the words that I write don’t do justice to the journey. Incidentally, I also end up drowning myself in tears of nostalgia every time I reminisce about that trip more than five minutes, so I decided to just post a few pictures of my favourite things I did over there. Hope you enjoy!


Loch Ness
Cruise on Loch Ness
Wandering around Edinburgh Castle
Walking up Arthur’s Seat
Up Arthur’s Seat
Bothwell Castle
Inside Bothwell Castle
Glencoe / Where some HP scenes took place
Glencoe from inside the bus (explains weird blue shade)


22 thoughts on “Scotland in Pictures

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  1. You’re an incredible photographer! (Sorry for spamming you with comments today!!)
    We go to Scotland every year and it’s one of my favourite places in the world for sure — that photo of Loch Ness is breathtaking! I can never do the place justice.

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  2. I went to Scotland in October last year and completely fell in love with the place. Glencoe was our first stop (we drove around in a campervan so we just parked there and went for a walk in the morning), then we went on to Loch Lomond and then Skye. I definitely want to go back to see more. And I really want to visit Edinburgh too!

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