3 Days in Toronto

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

There are lots and lots of things to do in Toronto. I’ve been there three times, including a short 3-day trip last week, and I’ll still need to go back to complete my checklist. But if you only have a few days, these are my recommendations so far.

Casa Loma

Casa Loma is an 18th century castle where I had the chance to assist a free Symphony in the Gardens, last summer. It’s a wonderful place to visit, plus it’s where a lot of movies were filmed, including some of Xmen’s scenes.



Ripley’s Aquarium

A great aquarium that organizes an abundance of events. Cheaper after 7 p.m. (Sharks After Dark promo) when you buy online (24.98$). Difficult to take good pictures, but still a really cool experience!




Rogers Centre

Go watch a game of the Blue Jays, the Toronto baseball team—the crowd is fanatic and it’s really worth it. I’m not exactly a sports fan, but just because the crowd was so into it, I started loving baseball. Plus, when you get out of the game, you’re right next to the CN tower, which is more than amazing.



Where to stay?

I’d highly recommend the Planet Traveler Hostel, right next to Kensington Market, on College Street.

View from the hostel’s roof

Of course, there’s a lot more. Like Kensington Market, the Niagara Falls, the Old Town, and the Distillery, just to name a few. But that will be for another trip, and another post!

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