New York Bucket List


So, I have an awesome sister who won an awesome trip to awesome New York and made the awesome decision to add awesome ME as her awesome plus one. ISN’T THAT AWESOME?

And I CANNOT wait. We’re going to be spending three days in NYC and I really want to make the most of it so I’m in intense planning mode right now. But the thing is, I’ve already been to New York twice with school trips, so I’ve seen the basics: Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Museum of Natural History, Empire State Building, Central Park …

And now I’m building up a bucket list of different things to do in New York and it has to be—wait for it—awesome.

I found a few things so far, but if any of you has recommendations, please please please feel free to write them in the comments below!

The List

  1. Visit 9/11 Memorial
  2. Go to a hidden bar (like The Back Room)
  3. Visit City Hall Station
  4. A tour of Brooklyn
  5. A show on Broadway (because it’s way too magical and I’ll never get enough of it!)
  6. Chelsea Market
  7. Eat a pretzel (or fourteen)
  8. The Earth Room
  9. The Way Station (I’m not even a Doctor Who fan (YET?), shame on me, but I feel like this is the kind of place I’m going to feel right at home. Somehow.
  10. Then She Fell, by Third Rail Project (because Lewis Carroll is one of my favourite writers EVER)

And that’s all I have so far! So let me know what else I should be doing! Looking forward to see your suggestions, and to write to you all about my trip in few weeks!

2 thoughts on “New York Bucket List

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  1. Whoaaaa, I’ve never heard of “Then She Fell”, but after looking at its website… DANG! That would be phenomenal. I adored the Alice books when I was little and I’m looking to collect his other writings now.

    I’ve been to NYC three times. To me it’s a very huge and overwhelming city, so it’s not really on any list of mine in terms of favorite places to travel to. However, I found a lovely Czech restaurant there (Zlata Praha, in Astoria) during one of my visits, and it was like being in Prague again… but with more people speaking English 😀 There is also the Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden; I tried to find it while there but couldn’t. If I were to return to NYC, I would certainly make a bigger effort to find it!

    Enjoy your trip, and I can’t wait to read about your experience!

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    1. I know right? Then she Fell looks just amazing! And wowww! Thanks so much for these great tips! I sure wouldn’t mind feeling like I’m in Prague again either! Thanks again! And I hope everything is great with you, Marica! 🙂


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