My Travels of 2016


You’ll have noticed, 2016 wasn’t a big travel year for me. I worked and studied a lot, and I sure crave and plan for 2017 to be ALL about travelling, but that’s not what this post is about. This is about the few trips I found the time to make last year, usually not too far from home, but nothing short of amazing.

Tourist in my Hometown: Québec

DSCF6766 (2)

This was a great day, with just me and my camera in my hands, looking at things with a new eye, and going to places I had never been to. I felt like a complete outsider.


3 Days in Toronto


Ahh, Toronto. How I love this city. Always new things to do every time I go!


Biking Along St-Lawrence River


Gorgeous. I plan to do biking trips every summer now.


Gaspésie, Québec


Our annual family trip, always different, always breathtaking.


Weekend in New York


Broadway, One World Trade Center, Central Park, Little Italy, and on and on and on. Magic.

Did you guys travel a bit in 2016? 

What are your plans for 2017?

Let me know in the comments! 

8 thoughts on “My Travels of 2016

Add yours

  1. My only “traveling” in 2016 was a weekend in Cleveland (a 50-minute drive from me), but I was in a new part of its downtown.

    2017: My dream is to go to Germany this October since it’ll be a 500-year anniversary for a certain historical event, but I can’t plan it unless I know where I’ll be working and what vacation time I’ll get. But I hope to visit up to four historical reenacting events in my area (three Civil War and one WW2) this summer, and I hope that I can at least make one or two weekend trips that are out of Ohio. So we’ll see 🙂

    Happy traveling to you in 2017!

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