My Travel Plans for Summer 2017

Travel Plans

I try to make as many trips as I can through a year, but sadly, it’s hard to save up enough money to achieve ALL of my dreams (I have quite a few). That’s why last year wasn’t that wild in the travel department. This year isn’t going to be a whole year around the globe either, but at least a summer through Canada.

And Canada is a big country, to say the least.

Here’s where I plan to go.

First Stop: Montreal


I’ve been to Montreal a couple of times, but always too short trips. This time I intend to stay a few weeks, to really get a feel of the city; maybe even get a job there. Who knows?

Second Stop: Toronto


This won’t be my first time either, but every time is different in Toronto! So many things to do! Here, though, I’ll only stay a couple of days before catching a flight for third stop.

Third Stop: Alberta


This will be a first time for me, and I am SO excited to visit Alberta! The mountains, the outdoors, the Bad Lands, the Dinosaur Park … Here I hope I’ll get to do some camping, but I need to figure out a way to travel via airplane with a tent and all that first … especially on my own. (Challenge accepted.)

Fourth Stop: British Columbia


The idea of travelling to BC always felt crazy in my head, mostly because it’s on the complete opposite of where I live in Canada. From Quebec, it takes about the same time to cross the ocean to visit France than to go to Vancouver. I mean. Crazy. Also, the place looks awesome and I can’t wait.

So that’s it for my plans!

Have you ever been to one of those destinations?

Do you have any advices or recommendations?

Let me know in the comments!


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