Book Discussion – A Monster Calls

Author: Patrick Ness

Genre: Young Adult

Pages: 240

Publisher: Candlewick Press



Conor’s mother has cancer, his father left them to build a new family in America, and he’s bullied at school. What could possibly be worse? Oh, a monster starts visiting him at night.

Open up, the monster said, its voice as clear as if the window wasn’t between them. I want to talk to you.

‘Yeah, sure,’ Conor said, keeping his voice low. ‘Because that’s what monsters always want. To talk.’

A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness

My Thoughts

This beautiful novel made me cry—and I love when a book makes me cry. It was such a touching story, and such a strong young main character. The first chapter hooked me completely. I couldn’t wait to know what the monster wanted from Conor, and the purpose of his visits really surprised me—in a good way. (To tell three stories, and make Conor tell him one.)

Stories are important, the monster said. They can be more important than anything. If they carry the truth.

A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness

a monster calls

I think it was a brilliant way to structure the novel. That way we had a general idea of what to expect, but we were still curious about what those stories would be about—especially Conor’s.

The whole thing was such a beautiful way to approach very difficult subjects like cancer, and grief. And I loved the relationship between Conor and his grandmother.

Belief is half of all healing.

A Monster Calls, Patrick Ness

Note: I didn’t even know until I finished the book, but this novel is based on the idea of Siobhan Dowd, who died from cancer. It’s a difficult challenge to undertake, but Patrick Ness did a wonderful work.

That’s it for me! What did you guys think?

Did you believe the monster would heal Conor’s mom? (I kinda hoped.)

Do you have a favourite scene? (Mine’s the fight at school.)

Would you give it 5 stars? (I sure do!)

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  1. I liked the book too, even though it seemed childish to me at first ( a young boy talking to a monster at night ….. ). The monster’s stories were cute, it was a pretty sad and sweet book at the same time. It was not my all time favorite, maybe a 3.5 on 5 stars. Well anyway, thanks a lot for your review 🙂 great as always !

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