Top 10 BFF – YA Novels

Sometimes we find a friend in the most surprising way, like in most awesome stories.  Here’s my Top 10 friendships (or should I say BFF) in YA fiction:

TOP 10s (1)

10. Percy & Annabeth


I just love how they’re always teasing one another. They’re so funny!

9. Cinder & Iko


Cyborg friendship: the best.

8. Anne & Gilbert


The best friendships are sometimes the ones that begin with pure hate. Who would’ve guessed?

7. Sloane & Emily


BFF goals. Just, wow.

6. Leslie & Jesse


This quote just about sums it up. Such a beautiful story/friendship.

5. Ambrose & Cosmo


You’d never think that an ex-con could become the best friend of a young nerd, and yet! They’re one of my favorite fictional duo; they’re awesome.

4. Carmen & Bridget & Lena & Tibby


I mean, I couldn’t really go through that list without mentioning The Sisterhood. They’re like heroes in the friendship department.

3. Junior & Rowdy


I LOVE this friendship. They are exact opposite and it somehow works perfectly.

2. Greg & Earl & Rachel


I love this novel so much. I love each of the characters and the dynamic of their friendship is just awesome.

1. Bruno & Schmuel


This. Novel. Just. About. Killed. Me.

Those two boys ❤

That’s it for me!

What do you think of my Top 10?

What are your favorite BFF in YA fiction?

Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Top 10 BFF – YA Novels

Add yours

  1. Ahhh Anne of Greeb Gables. I was gardening the other day and I thought about the beautiful relationship Gilbert & Anne had together. Anne and Matthew also had a great friendship, I was touched by how they bonded so quickly and so deeply.

    I also like Suze and Becca’s friendship in Confessions of a shoppaholic. 🙂 Did you read that book too ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I haven’t read this one, no. I read a lot of Kinsella’s novels but none of the Shoppaholic series! Funny because one of my friends just lent me My Not So Perfect Life, from that same author!


    1. Yeah, Anne is a pretty long series ahah. To be honest I only read the first book and I was much younger so I remember it only broadly. But I recently read the play and it was awesome. (It’s a nice shortcut if you don’t have time to get involved in the whole series.) (Btw, Marica! I literally JUST finished reading Scythe and I loved it! Can’t wait to write and post my review!)


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