Result: My Next Destination Is …


Last week, I cried out for your help, and you answered! ❤

I had no idea where to go between three awesome travel destinations, and since most of you recommended I go to Nicaragua and Costa Rica, that’s what I’ll do!

This is just a short post to say two things:

  1. Thank you so much for helping me choose; it meant the world to me.

The countdown has begun; I’m leaving in only 11 weeks!


13 thoughts on “Result: My Next Destination Is …

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  1. Audrey, honey !

    Can you tell us at least some of the activities you’re planning to do ? I’m so excited for you, cant wait to see your beautiful pictures as always. My daughter as visited most of South America in the last few years, I think you’re really going to enjoy yourself.

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    1. I haven’t planned the whole trip yet, but there will definitely be surfing and volcano hiking. I also heard about volcano boarding; I’ll have to look into it but it sounds awesome! I don’t want to plan too much of it yet because a friend of mine might join me during the trip and I want to know what she’s interested in so we can both have a wonderful trip! 😀


  2. volcano boarding ? wow ! I dont think I could do that, when cleaning my home seems like an extreme sport to me. How wonderful it is to be young ! Do not get burn ha.ha.ha.

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  3. I have never visited Nicaragua and Costa Rica, but I read both countries are great destinations to visit. Have fun and please keep me and your reader updated about your trip. I may go there if I still have time or during a layover after visiting South America.

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  4. I will be in SA till the end of this year, but I will see how my budget goes. How long will you be in Central America? Come to Colombia if you have time. It is really a great country to visit. I am also going to Bolivia as well.

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