Tofino – British Columbia

Confession: I didn’t even know about Tofino before I went to Vancouver and just about everybody told me I had to go there. I’m so glad they did, because it was definitely one of the highlights of my trip in West Canada.


If you’re looking for a place to completely let go, Tofino is that place. It’s small, gorgeous, an there are beautiful beaches clashing with deep-green firs everywhere. Do I need to say more? I stayed at the HI-Tofino Hostel Whalers on the Point Guesthouse, and that was literally the view from the common room.


I’m definitely going to have to go back and explore the surroundings of this beautiful place again, and maybe even camp in one of the islands. Isn’t it always how it goes? You go somewhere with a list of things to do, and you come back with a new one for the next time you visit. But what I’m really glad I checked off my list is surfing.

(Who knew you could surf in Canada, right?)

It was AWESOME. (And terrifying.)


Surfing scares the hell out of me but I didn’t let my fear stop me from this dream of mine, and that’s probably why I’m always going to remember Tofino. Also, that’s where I took the bold yet obvious decision to buy a van in a near future. It’s going to be so much easier to travel across Canada that way, and even in the USA. Transportation is a bit pricey in North America, and for that reason I couldn’t travel as long as I’d wished.

But a short trip is better than no trip.

And that one was amazing.

12 thoughts on “Tofino – British Columbia

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  1. Hi Audrey !
    I sure didnt know such a beautiful place existed in Canada. It looks so exotic, it reminds me of some of your pictures of Croatia.

    I nearly drowned when I was younger, I never would have had the courage to surf on open water. You are such an adventurer. You remind me of Indiana Jones.


    1. Funny because I think I felt just as relaxed as when I went to Croatia. They’re both amazing destinations to just let go and refuel.
      Ahaha, I don’t think of myself that way at all. It took me forever to find the courage to surf. Thanks for reading, Hether!


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