The Road to Banff

I drove from Calgary to Banff on my own, and it was definitely perilous. The thing is, everywhere you look is so DAMN BEAUTIFUL that I couldn’t focus on the road, and I kept trying to take some photos which was downright life-threatening. (Kind of worth it, though, but definitely DON’T do that.)


I spent a few days camping in Tunnel Mountain, which was just amazing, as you guys might know from a previous post. It was a bit far from the city center of Banff, a few hours by foot, which is why I took the decision to rent a car.

Walking in Banff is just as perilous as driving in Banff. And for the same reason. There are mountains EVERYWHERE. It’s just so beautiful I couldn’t focus on my steps.

I mean …



Because I was alone and everybody kept scaring me with bear stories, I did two of the most popular hikes in Banff, and even though they were pretty crowded–especially because of the 150th anniversary of Canada–I really enjoyed the views! I mean, I’m definitely going to have to come back and do more hikes, but those were fine for the time I had. Here they are:

1. Tunnel Campground Loop

6.5 km one way, elevation 60m. Takes about 1-2 hours, depending on your pace.





2. Sulphur Mountain

5.5 km one way, elevation 655m, takes about 4 hours.





Anyway that’s it for me today!

I hope you enjoyed this post!

14 thoughts on “The Road to Banff

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  1. I was in Banff three years ago in the summer, and agree that gorgeous mountain view is everywhere. Glad I took the bus. You got some beautiful pictures here, and that inspires me to explore some parts of Banff I have missed during my last trip there.

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  2. God, I love reading about travel posts. They give me some SERIOUS travel cravings. Have you read some cool YA travel books you’d like tk recommend? I recently read I See London, I See France which was SO good.


    1. I don’t know many YA travel books, tbh. Just the Anna and the French Kiss series (which was awesome.) So I’m definitely adding I See London to my list!
      (Okay I just googled it and I love the cover ❤ )
      And I know … just writing my travel posts physically hurts me ahah. I really want to go back! 😦

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