Dean & Lily – Episode 5

124 words
Dystopia, YA
Written by Audrey Francis-Plante
Photo Art by Plaidbowties

Episode 5

My wristband vibrates on my night table and displays the letter on my screen wall:

Dear initiates,


Tonight is the official beginning of your Trouper Training. As we discussed at the Ceremony, your Training will last from September to January the 1st, and be composed of five stages. 

Stage 1: The Colors
Stage 2: The Shapes
Stage 3: The Sounds
Stage 4: The Words
Stage 5: The Impact

You have been selected as an initiate for the respect you pay to the Arts, and the courage you show every time you want to share it. Tonight, you will need to show us that courage.

You are expected at the Nuclear Lake in one hour from now.

Wear black.



To be continued

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