2017 in Travels

I love to look back at the year and go through all my travel photos of the year. It’s a lot of fun and it reminds me how lucky I am to be able to travel so much! This year was mostly focused around Canada, since it was the 150th anniversary, but it was also the year of a lot of first times, as you’ll see!

MontrΓ©al, Quebec

I’ve been to Montreal a couple of times, especially since I have some friends living in there, now. But this year it was the first time I went as a tourist, trying to do as many attractions as I could–and writing in as many cafΓ©s as I could!


Toronto, Ontario

I LOVE Toronto. I like to find new excuses to go as much as I can. I got to go twice this year, the first time I saw some unusual attractions, and the second I had the chance to attend the International Festival of Authors, because, if you don’t know: I won a writing prize! YAY!


British Columbia

Oh I fell in love with BC. I went to Vancouver, Victoria, and Tofino, where I had so much fun learning how to surf.



I camped on my own for the first time in Alberta. I hiked and visited Dinosaur Park, and the beautiful lakes, and oh my I want to go back so bad.



My first time in Central America, YAY! And oh my god, it was amazing! The initial plan was to do both Nicaragua and Costa Rica but I turned out spending my entire trip in Nicaragua because oh my god I love it so much!


That’s it for me! What about you guys?

Did you get to travel in 2017?

What are your plans for 2018?

9 thoughts on “2017 in Travels

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      1. You’re going to Italy!!! Have you been there before? Ever since I read Love & Gelato, Italy got pushed up so high on my bucket list, I can’t even (!!). I hope you’re visiting Florence.
        And Greece. Whoa. Swap lives, please.


  1. Your travels through Canada have been a wonderful window to my northern country-neighbor πŸ˜€ haha. Someday I’ll visit Canada!

    I didn’t really travel this year, but I did visit two new cities in my state since they were hosts to two historical reenacting events.

    I hope to visit Gettysburg or Washington DC next year – those I know are easy long-weekend trips. I would also like to visit at least one more new reenacting event, to give me an opportunity to see another new Ohio town πŸ™‚ If international travel is possible, I want to check out Czech Republic again and at least one more country, as my life goal is to visit every country and territory in Europe!

    I look forward to your 2018 travel posts! Especially if you visit Montenegro, which you mentioned in an above comment πŸ™‚ (I’m a BIG fan of anything from the Balkans)


    1. Aww I’m glad you enjoyed my Canadian travel posts! And if you ever visit it (which you should) and go to Quebec, let me know; I’ll show you around! πŸ˜€

      Long-weekend trips are awesome. I would love to do more, but I always plan crazy long trips and when I’m home I just work nonstop to be able to afford them haha XD.

      It’s also on my bucket list to visit every country in Europe. I’m really looking forward to go back and see new ones; it’s been a while! (The Balkans, man, I know!!!)


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