Giveaway + Spread Some Blogger Love Tag

Guys! I’m hosting a Valentine’s Day Giveaway: YAY! The winner will get a BriarWick candle of his/her choice (4 oz). THESE CANDLES, MAN: I WANT THEM ALL.


Now you’re probably like: oh my god, Audrey, HOW DO I PARTICIPATE? Here’s how: You just have to do the Spread Some Blogger Love Tag! (Everyone is tagged for this one, obviously.) It works like this: you make a post in which you link posts from other bloggers that you just loved reading, as many as you want!

BONUS CHANCE TO WIN: link a post of mine! I’d love to know which of my posts you like best, so that I can focus on that kind of content in the future!

The winner will be announced on February 28th.

So here’s me spreading some love! Those are a few blog posts I recently read and loved!

1.Characters of the Year, by The Orangutan Librarian.

It’s alsways fun to talk about characters! Plus, any post that mentions my baby KAZ BREKKER/love of my life is an excellent post.

2. Why Do We Procrastinate Reading Good Books? by Book Snacks Blog.

YES! WHY?? Funny post that just describe the bane of my existence … my terrible habit of procrastinating.


3. Drive Again, by Wordhaven.

A beautiful poem that makes me want to go on an adventure 🙂


4. Eating Sandwiches on a Glacier, by Echoes of the Past.

Because the photos!!!


5. 8 Thoughts Bookworms Have in the New Year, by Purely Olivia.

Because funny! And I can too easily relate haha. Also, there’s a GIF of John Krasinski and guys, I have a major crush on Jim from The Office, so this post spoke to me on too many levels, haha.


6. The Struggle of not Knowing your Hogwarts House, by Read by Tiffany.

Because I’m a huge HP fan, and because OMG the world needed this post SO BAD! Thank you, Tiffany!


7. A Story Written in Verse, by chicnerdreads.

Because it was the first story written in verse that I read and it was so good it made me want to write one! Also, Gretchen wrote this amazing poetry book, love, and you, you should definitely check it out!


That’s it for me, folks!

Can’t wait to see what posts you liked!

Happy VD and good luck!

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