Dreams So Strong


338 words

Written by Audrey Francis-Plante

once upon a time

there was a girl

with a dream so strong

she was convinced

that everyone

was getting

in the way

of it

of her motivation

and focus

so she hid

in a dark corner

away from



gut reactions

and any kind

of affections

that would steer

her away

from her dream

that was so strong

she was convinced

it was the only way

she could ever

be really


but one day

the truth

hit her

like thunder

like the thud

of a body

hitting the floor

in its death

and she thought

about all the times

everyone else

had attempted

to make her see

how easily

she could’ve

been happy

and she climbed out

of her dark corner

where the light

was so bright

it burned right

into her eyes

warmed her skin

with goosebumps

of regrets

and missed


and she thought

it was too late

that her last shot

at happiness

was to crawl back

in the dark

to work

and work

on her dream

that was so strong

she was convinced

it would solve


but she failed

and again

and she saw

she had left

on her way back

a crack

in the trap

a slit in the black

where a hand

was stretched out

and she thought

she didn’t deserve

a second chance

but she learned

that thank god

a lot of people

on this earth

knew exactly

what she’d been


knew precisely

what she’d felt


in the thickness

of her darkness

and as if the stars

were alining

just for her

just this once


helped her out

with her dream

that was so strong

she was convinced

she would never

breathe again

for it clung

to her lungs

like the tongue

of a motherfucking


she was awed

by the way

human beings

weave into

each other’s paths

to make patterns

in the threads

of theirs lives

and their dreams

that are so strong

they should never

be kept hidden

in the dark

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7 thoughts on “Dreams So Strong

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  1. Audrey, this is stunning. So raw and so beautiful, all at once. It is vivid and direct, but also invites me to reflect on the experiences and emotions stirred within me by your words. Thank you for sharing this. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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