Joining the Dots, by Alex Mathers

joining the dots

Recently, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to review a book that greatly boosted my motivation: Joining the Dots, by Alex Mathers, with illustrations by Claire Powell.


Using our creative skills to make money and make an impact – while staying sane – can be hard as heck…

…If you don’t know what you’re doing.

A lot has been done to help creatives and artists find success, but much of it doesn’t apply to people with ‘arty’ skills. It can be hard to understand, and some of it is downright unhelpful.

With over a decade working for himself as an illustrator, writer and coach, Alex Mathers is intimately familiar with how we can hold ourselves back. (From



I personally found this little handbook incredibly useful and original. I loved that the examples easily applied to my particular creative domain (writing), but also spoke to any branch of creativity, really.

I first read the PDF version, and while I was already using some of the suggested concepts, I discovered others that gave me a much deeper and clearer understanding of what I needed to focus on to achieve my writing goals and self-promote my work out there in the big and scary online world.

My favorite concepts:
(And special congrats for finding an awesome
concept that began with the letter X!)
Xenial (that means being hospitable)

But when I got the physical copy, man, I fell in love. I love the illustrations so much. I love the size of the book, and that there’s a bunch of free space to write your own notes. I now carry this book along with my daily planner when I work on my blog or other online stuff.

I feel really lucky to have been given the opportunity to read this wonderful little handbook!

Have you read this book?

Do you think it might interest you?

Visit the website to learn more!

Have a wonderful day everyone!

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