September Wrap-up + Announcements

I made a couple of radical decisions, and it feels GREAT.

Lately I’ve been working on way too many projects at the same time and in September I had to admit to myself that it did no good to hold on to them all at the same time. It killed my productivity and focus, and in October, I want them back.

Get ready, fall, I’m coming.


Here’s what I’ll be focussing on this month:

  1. Sending my French manuscript to publishing houses.
  2. Launching Dean & Lily – Season 2.
  3. Moving to Toronto to follow an 8-week publishing course.

Here’s what I’m letting go of in order to focus on the above:

  1. Unrealistic TBRs. (I never achieve them and then I just feel like a failure.)
  2. Netflix. (Omg, it physically hurts to write this down.)
  3. The Book Club. (I’ve been postponing this for a while, but it’s best to just let it go, at least for a while.)

Instead of the book club, at the end of each month, I’m just going to do a Favorite Book of ”Month” post every.

So here is my Favorite Book of September!

Me Before You, Jojo Moyes


Can’t believe I still hadn’t read this book. I can’t believe I managed to avoid all of the spoilers when the movie came out a couple of years back! I’m a Spoiler Ninja.

Have you guys read it?

Have you shed all the tears in the world on its pages? (I did. At one point, it became an issue to breathe and read through the persistent veils of tears.)

So that’s it for today! There will be one last announcement tomorrow, since I’m preparing a really exciting writing contest in honour of the D&L’s book release coming up real soon!




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