Song of the Black City // Looking for Fellow Wattpad Writers

500 words


Excerpt of a WIP

Written by Audrey Francis-Plante

Hello lovely readers!

I’m considering writing a short novel on Wattpad and I wondered if any of you guys were already on it? I’m looking for pieces of advice, fellow writers to follow, and I want to discover new stories, so if you’re on wattpad and writing fantasy, sci-fi, young adult, let me know in the comments, we should be friends! 😀

That being said, here’s the excerpt of the WIP I’m thinking of putting on Wattpad. Would love to hear what you think!

Here it is!


Song of the Black City



“Danny!” Oliver calls through the rolled-down window. “It’s me, Oliver. I can’t believe you’re in Paris, too.”

Daniella only stops because the pain at her side has grown so intense she can’t move. She clears her throat and slowly looks at Oliver.

“Oh my god,” she says, faking her smile as best as she can. “Oli, what are you doing in Paris?”

He grins. “Well, Pam and I are getting married here, this week.”

“That’s …” She swallows, shutting her eyes briefly to the blinding pain. Her forehead is slick with sweat. Get a grip, get a grip. “Amazing. I’m happy for you.”

“What about you? What brings you here?”

“I have to go.”

“Come on, it’s been so long. Don’t go like that.”

But she’s walking away as fast as her body allows her. She started trembling so violently that her teeth are chattering.

Oliver turns to the driver, Vic. “Ex-girlfriend,” he explains with a little sigh. “Man, did you see the look on her face? She was eaten by jealousy.”

“Um, she looked hurt.”

“I know, right? I had no idea she still cared about me like that.”

“No, I mean, physically hurt.”


They both look back through the window just as Daniella reaches the corner of an alley, and crumbles onto her knees.

“Oh my god,” Oliver says as Vic and him hurry out of the car. “Danny!”

She convulses on the ground, blood staining the hem of her denim jacket.

“What’s wrong with her?” Vic asks as they reach her.

“Leave me alone,” Daniella whispers, trying to get up but failing. “I’m okay.”

“Did someone hurt you?” Oliver asks.

“Stay away,” she warns, holding a hand up. “Don’t touch me.”

“Hey, it’s okay, we just want to help you.”

She tries to stand again but topples backward. Oliver and Vic instinctively grab her hands just as she repeats, “Don’t touch me.”

Oliver slides an arm around her waist. “I got you, it’s fine.”

“No!” She pushes him away, then props herself against the brickwall. “I told you not to touch me!”

“But Dan

“Idiot! It’s too late now. You’re part of it.”

The boys frown. “Part of what?” Vic asks.

She gasps, pressing her palm to the bleeding wound at her side.

“Part of what?” Oliver echoes.

And then the song rises around them, like an old, forgotten dream fogging the walls of their mind. It’s just a few violins and a woman’s hoarse voice, humming a melody that tugs at their souls.

“What the hell is this?” Vic asks, covering his ears.

“Close your eyes,” Daniella orders, sagging to the ground. “Whatever you hear just keep your eyes closed.”

“Danny, what’s going on?” Oliver asks, almost shouting over the song, which has grown loud and persistent, calling for their undivided attention.

“There’s no time! Just do as I say!”


“Trust me!”

Her last words are swallowed entirely by the song. The louder it gets, the clearer it is that’s it’s not just a woman’s voice, it’s something out of this world.

The sun is shadowed.


So what did you think?

Should I keep working on this?

Let me know in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Song of the Black City // Looking for Fellow Wattpad Writers

Add yours

  1. Omg, this reminds me of a crazy mix of This Savage Song and Blackbird of the Gallows. So interesting.
    I made a Wattpad account a long time ago but never really bothered to do anything with it? But if you’re gonna be updating there, I’d love to follow you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! (And sorry for the late reply.) Unfortunately, that project has been put on hold since I recently found an agent and I’m focussing on another manuscript! But, I’d love to follow you on wattpad and check out your writing! 😀


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