COVER REVEAL + GIVEAWAY Dean & Lily – Season 2

DEAN & LILY – SEASON 2 is out on November 6 and here’s the cover of the second installment in The Flood series.


Here’s what you need to know about the second book:

  1. It’s 65 pages long.
  2. It’s got more action, more floodings, and more drama than in the first book!
  3. It’s about the second stage in Lily’s Trouper Training: The Shapes.
  4. It has a bunch of awesome bonus features, like text messages between Dean and Lily, Sierra and Malone’s character profiles, aesthetics, and more!
  5. It’ll be available for 1$ on November 6.

Fotor_153702294237257Aesthetic by Nimika @Wordhaven.


And in order to celebrate this cover reveal properly, I’m hosting a giveaway on Twitter, right here. But there’s another way to participate!

By answering the short form below, you could win free digital copies of Dean & Lily – Season 1 and 2! 

Stay tuned because I’ll be posting the first chapter of Dean & Lily – Season 2 later this week! 

Or if you want to get your hands on Season 1, head over here!

Dean & Lily blog banner

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