February Wrap-Up

Goals achieved:

  1. Read 5 books, including one in Spanish??? (feeling smart)
  2. Edited my manuscript Devonna and sent it to my agent (feeling awesome, and nervous AF what is this new life of mine?)
  3. Edited half of my other manuscript I’m writing in French (because who needs a social life? me. definitely me.)
  5. Reached 1,000 followers on AWA (feeling proud)
  6. Put my flat on Airbnb to fund my next trip to Asia (feeling overwhelmed; I was not expecting that many reservations and requests in less than a week and this to become a second full-time job, but oh well, as I said, who needs a social life anyway? ME. OH MY GOD ALL THE WAY ME.)

please help

Top 3 Books Read:

  1. The Cost of Living, Deborah Levy
  2. Des Papillons pis des Fins du Mondes, Alexandra Larochelle
  3. What if it’s Us, Becky & Adam

Goals for March

  1. Finish my manuscript in French
  2. Write 20K words (Devonna book two)
  3. Finish editing Dean & Lily – Season 3
  4. Keep my chill (LOL)


What goals did you guys achieve in Feb?

What are your goals for March?

Share in the comments so we can motivate ourselves and maybe have panic attacks together, YAY!

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“Meet me for lunch in the park_” I snorted. “Is that a date_” He shook his head. “Oh, no. I’ll make myself very clear the day I ask you out on our first date, Lily.”

5 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up

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  1. Tout un mois de février, ma chère 🙂 Heureusement qu’il ne comptait pas 3 jours de plus, tu serais brûlée!! Hihihihihih Félicitations pour le nouveau plateau des 1000 lecteurs! En route pour mille de plus? Je te le souhaite 🙂

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  2. I know nothing about AirBnB – do you choose your rate, or is it a flat rate determined by AirBnB?

    Congratulations on your other accomplishments! 🙂

    I only read about three books in February, and just started my second book for March… but for other things, I think I’ve finally settled on London for my trip in October! (and maybe another city, not sure yet). Now to get my flight figured out and lodgings! Eeeeek! I’m nervous and excited since by then it’ll be SEVEN years since I last traveled abroad!

    Hope March is good to you! 🙂

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    1. LONDON! Woah! I’m sure you’re going to love it! My first big trip abroad was in the UK and it’ll have this special place in my heart forever! Don’t be nervous; you got this! 😉

      Thank you! And to answer your question, I’m still figuring out how this whole Airbnb thing works, but yeah, you definitely choose the minimum and maximum of your rate, but then you can let AirBnB adjust it depending on the demand and other stuff I don’t really understand!

      Have a great month as well, Marica! 🙂


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