something good

i think of summers so free and wild i couldn’t hold it in

i acted precisely as i felt the second i felt it

and i never gave a damn

what they might think of me


i loved the absolute knowledge i bathed in

that wherever i spent the night escaping

fuzzy drinking madly dancing

i could end up in your arms

and they’d be warm and open


i loved the absolute knowledge of not knowing

not even the slightest idea what i was doing

and yet it always seemed

like the perfect thing

to do from the reflection

in those pretty pretty eyes of yours


what do you say we do it all over again

the golden lights sparkling in the dark street

as we just sit listening to music and musing

of better worlds and the late nights blue

with guitar strings softly scratched as i laugh

as i breathe so fucking easily


and this time i don’t run

i don’t close my eyes

i don’t plug my ears

i don’t fuck it up

yea this time

i’m not scared

not in this poisonous way that crippled my lungs

because i couldn’t possibly believe i was worth

any of it


no this time

i’m just scared

in this very silly human way we all are

when we don’t want to lose something good

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(1-min read)



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