June Wrap-Up

So, I read six books in June and I’m kind of proud of the number considering everything that was going on in my life during this HECTIC month. (Last weeks at work, back from Prague, signing my first book deal!)


Here are the six books I read in June!

Five Feet Apart

Cute and lovely read. Can’t wait to see the movie!


Restore Me

I’m so curious to see where this series is going! Will definitely be reading Defy Me in July. Anybody up for buddy reading?


The Funny Thing Is…

Funny and light, and the perfect read to get out of a slump 🙂

the funny thing

And here are my top three favorite reads of the month!

3. November 9

OH MY GOD. I’M IN LOVE WITH EVERY SONG IN THIS BOOK. Any more CoHo reccomendation anyone?


2. The Raven Boys

I will officially devour this series. Why do I have to wait for my next bookmail to get here to read the sequel, it feels utterly unfair.


1. Big Little Lies

Okay. Just. Wow wow wow wow wow. If I wrote an actual review about this book, it would be the opposite of eloquent because this book is just wow. And everything about it is perfect, and I fell in love with Liane Moriarty’s writing and I must read everything she ever wrote. I must.

big little lies

That’s it for me!

What were your favorite reads last month!

What do you plan on reading in July?

Let me know in the comments!

Speaking of books, did you know there’s an Infinite Tower of Books in Prague! I had the chance to visit it in May. Check it out right here!



6 thoughts on “June Wrap-Up

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  1. i actually don’t care for the shatter me trilogy BUT why HAVEN’T we had a buddy read yet?????? (I mean, aside from our dark duet but that didn’t count). omg i’m already looking for a book to buddy read w/ you!!

    welcome to the trc fandom, you just proceed in a downward spiral from here about sentient forests, dead welsh kings and angsty teenagers. it’s beautiful.

    i LOVE november 9. here’s my CoHo guide of the few books that i have read: slammed- not as emotionally staggering as her other books so totes give it a try; it ends with us- objectively a literal masterpiece but too heavy for me; verity- IT’S FUCKED UP, you should 10/10 read it; maybe someday- prolly (defs) my fave book of hers, all about music and lyrics and it’s brilliant.

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    1. LET’S BUDDY READ! You pick the book idc; it will be amazing.

      Honestly, I think I’m going to buy the whole series and read the whole trc saga in like a week and it will be magnificient. I can’t wait!

      Okay, so I actually already read It Ends With Us but strangely enough, it didn’t wreck me like it did everybody else. I just saw everything coming for some reason ahah. And I also read Maybe Someday, which was OMG SO GOOD I WANTED MORE. And now Verity is definitely my next CoHo stop haha.

      Gently reminder in case you forgot what this comment is really about: LET’S BUDDY READ, MATE!


    1. July started really bad for me haha. Honestly at this point I decided the only way to get out of this slump was to read comfort books that I really love, so I’m currently reading Harry Potter, haha. It wasn’t on my TBR but at least I’m reading! 🙂

      Don’t feel guilty, though! It happens, sometimes we just need a break from reading and that’s okay! We come back feeling like we missed taking that time for us and it feels even better 🙂


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