boy, you should really

one big jump

into the water

here i come

boy, you should really

start to run

because we don’t want

no more blood

boy, you should really


this is part of a fantasy series i’m working on, in which the main character writes songs to deal with the crazy things that happens to her. this is one of the songs.

if you like it, there’s another one below!



5 thoughts on “boy, you should really

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  1. I love it ! I want more ! Is there gonna be more or is it gonna stay short and sweet like this ? I’m imagining these lyrics on the melody of a Florence and the Machine song.

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    1. I don’t know yet! I actually sing this in a loop imagining my character really pissed and getting angry to fight ahaha, so for now it’s just short and sweet! (Omg, Florence is like my idol, so maybe I’m unconsciously inspired by her ahha.)


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