Book Launch DEVONNA // Prizes to Win

Hello and welcome to Devonna’s launch!

On the schedule today:

  1. Synopsis
  2. Introducing the ghosts and the livings of Devonna
  3. Info and fun facts
  4. A special ghost hunt for the chance to win:
  5. PRIZES: magnetic bookmarks and a 25$ Amazon gift card

Here we go!



Six years after the death of her cousin, Devonna Moreau still carries the numbing weight of guilt on her soul. People say it wasn’t her fault, but they don’t know she might’ve been able to save her were it not for her condition and biggest secret: she cannot physically feel anything.

Not a breeze or a kiss or a punch.

Until one day her skin reacts to the touch of a reserved young man named Bram Hanaghan. Which would be great, if Bram was actually alive.

But he’s a ghost.

While Devonna wishes to use that mysterious link with the dead to find her cousin, other vengeful ghosts have plans of their own for the feelless girl.

Unthinkable plans that will forever change her life–and death.




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These are the people that have been haunting me for the past five years.

First, let’s start with our two main characters. The story is told in first person point of view, switching from Devonna’s to Bram’s POV, so I was in the head of those two characters for the entire writing process. I know them.

Devonna Moreau

  • 17 years old
  • congenital insensitivity to pain
  • awkward
  • reckless

aestheitc jimmy

Bram Hanaghan

  • 19 years old
  • loyal
  • quiet
  • ghost

aestheitc jimmy (1)

The next three characters are just as important to the story in my heart, but I couldn’t exactly introduce everyone as main characters. So, I suppose that in very literary terms they are, in order, the following:

  1. The best friend aka the guy all my beta readers LOVED WAY more than I thought they would
  2. The hot dude aka I KNEW you WERE trouble when you walked iiinnnn (thank you TS)
  3. The villain aka the guy all my beta readers HATED just as much as I’d hoped they would

Jimmy Donelli

  • 17 years old
  • goofy heart
  • animal lover
  • lives on a vineyard

aestheitc jimmy (4)

Kian Luvan

  • 18 years old
  • ambitious
  • arrogant
  • ghost

aestheitc jimmy (5)


  • late 20s
  • theatrical
  • vindictive
  • Soul Reaper

''Welcome to the beginning of the end.''


  1. Publishing house: Evernight Teen
  2. Page number: 307
  3. Cover designed by the very VERY talented Jay Aheer.
  4. I won a prize with the first chapters of Devonna with the Penguin Random House Canada Student Award for Fiction in 2017.
  5. That’s how I got to meet a lot of wonderful people and that eventually led to landing my lovely agent Stacey Kondla!
  6. The book is the first in a planned trilogy.
  7. It’s also an Editor’s Pick at Evernight Teen!
  8. Before she read it, a friend of mine thought it was a memoir, which I think is hilarious.
  9. It’s YA fiction, just to be clear. Full of paranormal stuff and action and romance!
  10. You can buy it right here:



Buy Devonna Here





What’s a better way to say Thank you so much for joining me today than by giving away prizes?

Here’s a 2-minute game I’ve prepared for you guys! Every participant will receive the first two chapters of Devonna for free (everyone’s a winner, YAY!) and two grand winners will get either the cutest magnetic bookmarks below, from BeedooAndCo, or a $25 Amazon Gift Card. 







Thanks so much for reading, everyone!

Let’s chat in the comments!

What’s your favorite character aesthetics?

And be sure to grab your copy of Devonna below!

Have a wonderful day!



Buy Devonna Here



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