Best Romance Tropes

My favorite author/vlogger ever is by far Jenna Moreci. She’s hilarious, she’s brilliant, and she knows what she’s talking about when she talks about writing. So today, I thought I’d just share one of her videos to you guys, and discuss my top 3 romance tropes out of her top 10!

My Top 3 Romance Tropes

Enemies to Lovers

It’s just so damn entertaining to see two people trying to deny the fact that they’re so completely in love with the other. But Jenna’s point is really important here, folks. I feel like the limits of this trope are sometimes stretched too far and actual ENEMIES aka MONSTERS become love interests and that is just effed up.

My favorite Enemies to Lovers couple: Arin and Kestrel, from The Winner’s Curse

The Power Couple

I hate it when one person is clearly inferior to the other. My idea of a strong, healthy relationship is of two people completing one another with their strenghts and weaknesses. They need to be great on their own, and freaking badass when together.

My favorite example of this is probably Feyre and Rhysand, from A Court of Mist and Fury.


Forbidden Romance

Probably by far my favorite, because it practically comes with the promise of heartbreak and feels, and which is (strangely) 70% of the reason why I read books. I’m weird like that. Forbidden romance just makes me root for the characters at once. I want them to be happy SO bad and I can’t stop reading until I see it happen.

My forever favorite example of this: Katniss and Peeta, The Hunger Games.


What are your favorite romance tropes?

What are some of your favorite fictional couples?

Let’s chat in the comments 🙂

2 thoughts on “Best Romance Tropes

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  1. OMG Katniss and Peeta, yesss! I cried when I read the end of “Mockingjay”, I was so happy!

    For me my favorites are Scarlet and Rhett in “Gone with the Wind”, Jane and Mr Rochester in “Jane Eyre”, and Anne and Captain Wentworth in “Persuasion”. 🙂

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