i just broke up with someone

sort of

not that we were anything serious

but i wanted

to make it clear

this was not

the way i wanted to be treated


and i chose my words


i made sure i sounded clear-headed

like i knew what i really wanted

i made sure my words couldn’t be interpreted

any other way

i made sure to be kind

but direct


but over


just the right portion

because we all know the equation

girls + self-confidence = bitches

then i pressed send

and i thought

this could go so many ways

already i made all these scenarios

that turned me into the monster

i could so easily believe that i was

but the reply came

not a stutter on the clock

it was amicable

but just a matter of seconds

i didn’t even get to blink

so obvious that doubting his own words

was never in consideration

while i was all about caution

for a moment i envied

this level of nonchalance

with a burning

in my chest

so intense

i just about burst into flames

then i got calm

so fucking calm

like an ocean that scares the crap out of you

cause there’s no way to tell

what the waves are planning

and i knew i would find

someone who realized

their words

had the power to hurt

their words

had the power to heal

i knew i would find

someone who think about it twice

before they let anybody go

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