Leaving Vienna, Austria

Day 53. And then Austria was coming to an end. So Robin and I hurried to make the most of the last days. Oh. I just realized I never introduced Robin. Gee, I’m terrible! Name: Robin Nationality: Canadian Age: Immortal Gender: Moose Occupation: To travel around the world with me I’m supposed to take a… Continue Reading →

Innsbruck, Austria

Day 44 Just when I thought I was done with travel fails. Everything was going so well in Vienna. I planned a week-end in Innsbruck to go in the mountains, but for some reason I couldn’t buy any train tickets online. Everytime I tried it said that the transaction had failed, and so I started… Continue Reading →

Vienna, Austria

Day 30. The second phase of my trip consisted of a language school in Vienna. Yep, I thought I’d try to learn a new language while in Europe and, for no particular reason, I picked German. I guess I’m doing a kind of Eat, Pray, Love, mine being something like Drink, Learn, Wander. (It’s not… Continue Reading →

European Countries I’ve Visited

So this morning I was playing around with interactive maps where you can enter the places you’ve visited, like an online scratch map. I wanted to see how much of Europe I had actually covered, because I felt like I’d done a pretty good part of it, and MY OH MY WAS I WRONG.


Happy to say my piece was published on The Drabble. 🙂 100 words Short Story Written by: Audrey Francis-Plante

6 Tips To Make Your Dream Trips Happen

Besides the obvious budget/trip planning, there’s a big step to cross in order to make your dream adventures happen, and it’s to actually stop visualizing it as a dream, and consider the reality of it. At least that how it works for me. And here’s how I do it:

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