Leaving Vienna, Austria

Day 53. And then Austria was coming to an end. So Robin and I hurried to make the most of the last days. Oh. I just realized I never introduced Robin. Gee, I’m terrible! Name: Robin Nationality: Canadian Age: Immortal Gender: Moose Occupation: To travel around the world with me I’m supposed to take a… Continue Reading →

Innsbruck, Austria

Day 44 Just when I thought I was done with travel fails. Everything was going so well in Vienna. I planned a week-end in Innsbruck to go in the mountains, but for some reason I couldn’t buy any train tickets online. Everytime I tried it said that the transaction had failed, and so I started… Continue Reading →

Vienna, Austria

Day 30. The second phase of my trip consisted of a language school in Vienna. Yep, I thought I’d try to learn a new language while in Europe and, for no particular reason, I picked German. I guess I’m doing a kind of Eat, Pray, Love, mine being something like Drink, Learn, Wander. (It’s not… Continue Reading →

2019 in Travels

Sometimes, you plan out the year to go in a certain direction and then life takes you competely by surprise and pushes you on an entirely different path. This was 2019 for me. I had planned the greatest unusual trips for myself, but then I got an email from a publishing house with the most… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Books I Read in 2019

2019 was a great year for me in terms of writing (my first book got published!) and living (I spent the summer writing and doing small roadtrips and camping trips with friends, and I went to Prague and Austria again in May!) but it wasn’t what I’d hoped for in terms of reading unfortunately. I… Continue Reading →

Hallstatt in Photos

Last month, I had the chance to go to Austria for the second time in my life, and this time I visited the wonderful little city of Hallstatt, which stands in the middle of the mountains and holy guac it’s beautiful, folks. But this post isn’t going to be me rambling about how beautiful it… Continue Reading →

European Countries I’ve Visited

So this morning I was playing around with interactive maps where you can enter the places you’ve visited, like an online scratch map. I wanted to see how much of Europe I had actually covered, because I felt like I’d done a pretty good part of it, and MY OH MY WAS I WRONG.


Happy to say my piece was published on The Drabble. 🙂 100 words Short Story Written by: Audrey Francis-Plante

6 Tips To Make Your Dream Trips Happen

Besides the obvious budget/trip planning, there’s a big step to cross in order to make your dream adventures happen, and it’s to actually stop visualizing it as a dream, and consider the reality of it. At least that how it works for me. And here’s how I do it:

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