European Countries I’ve Visited

So this morning I was playing around with interactive maps where you can enter the places you’ve visited, like an online scratch map. I wanted to see how much of Europe I had actually covered, because I felt like I’d done a pretty good part of it, and MY OH MY WAS I WRONG.

The Liebster Award

What? That is so nice! I want to thank Lara so much for the nomination! Everybody go check out her awesome blog, The Blackberry Season, about lifestyle and travelling; it is so well written and her talent for photography will make you jealous (in a good way, really). If the bloggers I nominate choose to… Continue Reading →

The Places Where … Tag

I’m super happy that the great Matea nominated me for this travel tag–check out her awesome blog here. I know it’s been a while since I posted about travelling, so this is the golden opportunity for me to do so!

8 Things We Do When Back From a Long Trip

I was talking with a friend traveller and we realized that, besides the obvious–seeing back everyone, half-unpacking, doing your laundry–there are multiple things we never thought we would miss during a long trip abroad. Here’s my list:

Mostar, Bosnia Herzegovina

Day 70. The plan was to make my way up Croatia, since I had started at the bottom in Dubrovnik. But on the way to Zadar is a great Bosnian city (Mostar) so close to the border it would be just silly not to go. So I went.

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