Zakopane, Poland

Day 25 Me: Come on. I thought we’d been through this. God: Oohh, let me sabotage your trip a little more. Me: What? No. No. Enough. God: But I’m having a blast! Come on, man, one last fail. One. Me (sighing): One, and then you stop. God: One, and then we’ll see. Me (chiding): God…. Continue Reading →

Auschwitz and Kraków, Poland

Day 24.  Fun fact: In the tower of Kraków, a trumpeter opens a window every hour to play a tune to the city. Okay, it’s probably more than one trumpeter, but I like to think it’s just this one guy, utterly dedicated to his passion. Some of us have a cuckoo clock; Kraków has a trumpeter… Continue Reading →

Warsaw, Poland

Day 17. I didn’t know what to expect of Poland, I just knew I wanted to go. Turns out it’s one of my favourite stops so far. If you like vodka, history, and are a little tight on your budget, go to Poland.

European Countries I’ve Visited

So this morning I was playing around with interactive maps where you can enter the places you’ve visited, like an online scratch map. I wanted to see how much of Europe I had actually covered, because I felt like I’d done a pretty good part of it, and MY OH MY WAS I WRONG.

The Liebster Award

What? That is so nice! I want to thank Lara so much for the nomination! Everybody go check out her awesome blog, The Blackberry Season, about lifestyle and travelling; it is so well written and her talent for photography will make you jealous (in a good way, really). If the bloggers I nominate choose to… Continue Reading →

The Places Where … Tag

I’m super happy that the great Matea nominated me for this travel tag–check out her awesome blog here. I know it’s been a while since I posted about travelling, so this is the golden opportunity for me to do so!

Book Discussion: The Secret Garden

Hello fellow readers! Ready to talk about the book of the month of June? Here we go! One of the strange things about living in this world is that it is only now and then that one is quite sure one is going to live forever and ever and ever. -Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden

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