Top 5 Granada, Spain

Day 103. Confession time: I actually only had time to do 5 activities in Granada, so my Top 5 is definitely biased. Still, that was enough to make me adore the city, but feel free to share your own suggestions in the comments if you’ve tried different things. 5. A walk on la Carrera del… Continue Reading →

Quentar, Spain

Day 100. Quentar is a small municipality in Granada of about 990 inhabitants. We were staying at the Fundalucia Guest House, and the website’s directions to make it there from the bus station, said to, quote, cross the whole village to the other side. We were doomed to get lost.

Seville, Spain

Day 97. I have to say, we almost gave up on Seville. The city just didn’t seem to want us. But I’m so glad we persevered. 

Toledo, Spain

Day 95. When we arrived in Toledo, I got hit by a car. I’d been warned Spanish drove a little crazily, so when I saw the red car zooming through the narrow cobblestone street, I shrank on the wall of a house, shutting my eyes, hoping my backpack wouldn’t be dragged along. It’s my left… Continue Reading →

Travel Memory Rambling – Seville

This week’s inspiration is Seville, Spain. I took this photo on a very hot day at the Plaza del Toro. Here goes. the sand had settled but still reached my nose the sun was evil blinding all of those who thought the battles were just meant for ghosts

European Countries I’ve Visited

So this morning I was playing around with interactive maps where you can enter the places you’ve visited, like an online scratch map. I wanted to see how much of Europe I had actually covered, because I felt like I’d done a pretty good part of it, and MY OH MY WAS I WRONG.

Second Stop – Annecy, France

Day 6 (37 days ago). Somewhere between Nice and Lyon, I lost my voice. When I arrived in Annecy, I sounded like Voldemort. I thought, Hey, it doesn’t matter! I can play it like Liz in Eat, Pray, Love and make it a silent week. Right.

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