Leaving Vienna, Austria

Robin in StephansplatzDay 53. And then Austria was coming to an end. So Robin and I hurried to make the most of the last days. Oh. I just realized I never introduced Robin. Gee, I’m terrible!

Name: Robin
Nationality: Canadian
Age: Immortal

Gender: Moose
Occupation: To travel around the world with me

I’m supposed to take a picture of Robin in every city that I visit, but I’m such a horrible human being that I forget half of the times. Continue reading “Leaving Vienna, Austria”

Innsbruck, Austria

Day 44

Just when I thought I was done with travel fails. Everything was going so well in Vienna. I planned a week-end in Innsbruck to go in the mountains, but for some reason I couldn’t buy any train tickets online. Everytime I tried it said that the transaction had failed, and so I started to freak out there was a problem with my credit card Continue reading “Innsbruck, Austria”

Vienna, Austria


Day 30. The second phase of my trip consisted of a language school in Vienna. Yep, I thought I’d try to learn a new language while in Europe and, for no particular reason, I picked German. I guess I’m doing a kind of Eat, Pray, Love, mine being something like Drink, Learn, Wander. (It’s not exactly settled yet what I’ll be doing for the third phase of the trip, so…) Continue reading “Vienna, Austria”