Book Club – March


If you want to join me, the rules are simple: I announce the book we’ll be reading on the 1st day of each month and we start sharing our impressions of it in a new post that I’ll publish on the 20th. (Sometimes the 21st because I’m a wild and untamed procrastinator.) (If you want to make a review of the book on your blog feel free to link it in the comments on the 20th so we can all share and talk books and love life and be awesome.) (For more info, click here.)

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Blog Birthday Tag


A year. My blog is one year old.

How does a year go by so quickly? It still feels like this blogging thing is new to me, like I have no clue what I’m doing out here, and yet I’ve been running this website for a whole year. And I like to think it’s a big deal.

So first, I’m going to celebrate tonight. Yep, I’m going out and making a toast to the very first anniversary of Audrey Writes Abroad and I’ll think about all of you guys.

And second, I’m going to humbly say that I am proud as hell.

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Now on Twitter

Hello, everyone!

Just a small announcement to let you all know I’m now officially on Twitter @AudreyFrancisP, where I’ll be posting bookish stuff and a few travel pictures. I finally did it! I’m on Twitter!


If any of you has a Twitter account as well, let me know via comments so we can follow each other and continue to share, or simply follow me on Twitter and I’ll follow you back! Wouldn’t that be great?


That’s it.

That’s all I had to say today.

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The Liebster Award



That is so nice! I want to thank Lara so much for the nomination! Everybody go check out her awesome blog, The Blackberry Season, about lifestyle and travelling; it is so well written and her talent for photography will make you jealous (in a good way, really).

If the bloggers I nominate choose to accept, go through the official rules and find out more about the award.

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